Financial and Statutory Audits

The company businesses are conducted in an increasingly transparent environment, in which the potential users – Financial Sector, Shareholders, Investors, Public, Creditors and Clients – look for reliable information.

These users seek assurance concerning the credibility of the information supplied by a company and need the guarantee that such information is presented in a truthful manner.

In this area, Mazars offers various services, such as:


Audits on Consolidated Accounts

At Mazars we check that your consolidated accounts are true and fair.

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Prospective Financial Information Analysis

Issuance of an opinion regarding the reasonableness and credibility of prospective financial information that is drawn up based on such perspectives.

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Specific Audits

Audits with a specific purpose, namely on:

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Statutory Audits/Financial Audits

Inspections pertaining to the accounts of companies and other entities:

• Account Audit deriving from a statutory or contractual provision or by decision of the managing body and;
• Statutory Audit, deriving from a legal provision, for companies, public services, Autonomous Funds, autarchies and Municipal companies.

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Exclusive Interventions by Statutory Auditors

Services of the exclusive expertise of Statutory Auditors, according to the law, such as:

•Audit of the contributions in kind towards the attainment of capital by companies;
•Report regarding mergers, scission and transformation of companies and;
•Audit of the investments supported by the Programa Operacional da Economia (Economy Operational Program).

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