Tax Advisory Services

Increased regulations and reporting obligations are time consuming.
Mazars’ Tax Advisory Services advise you on the increasing risk to your company due to the changing tax environment, by managing your tax planning in an efficient manner, or implementing your organisational change in a tax efficient manner.
We also deliver tailor-made advice in the field of structured finance, strategy on tax litigation, real estate transactions and tax structuring on M&A assignments.

At Mazars we offer dedicated tax advisory services:
•Corporate income tax: consultancy regarding the tax liability in concrete operations, regarding liability rules, deductibility and clearance regulations.
•Personal income tax: consultancy regarding taxation of several types of income, tax clearance, taxation on income obtained abroad.
•Value added tax: consultancy regarding liability rules, deductibility and tax clearance, location of operations, taxation of operations with other EU countries or external to the EU, aid in the taxation of operations performed by non residents in Portugal.
•Groups of companies: Taxation, counselling about the structuring of national and EU Groups, mergers and scissions.
•Municipal Real Estate Taxes: Consultancy regarding taxation on estate and its diffusion.