Transparency Report 2008

Mazars & Associados, SROC, SA is delighted to introduce its transparency report as of December 31st, 2008.

Mazars has been a pioneer in terms of transparency for many years now:

  • With the voluntary publication of a group’s annual report, including consolidated financial statements certified by independent auditors since 2004;
  • With the insertion since 2006 in our annual reports of the information asked by the statutory audit directive for the transparency report as soon as it was issued (our “concordance table”);
  • This year, with the publication, in addition to countries transparency reports, of a full group transparency report in our annual report 2008/2009.

As a consequence, you will find information for both country and group levels of the whole organization.

We want to help our stakeholders and the marketplace know and understand who we are as we think that knowing each other is key to successful professional relationships.

Hereby you will find a portuguese and an english version of the Report.


Relatório de Transparência 2008
Transparency Report 2008