Reshape Assessment Tool

Many businesses are questioning how best to continue operations, survive and succeed in the Covid-19 environment and emerging recession. Running your business and identifying priority action areas to focus on during disruptive times is challenging.

Our Reshape specialists have created this assessment tool to help identify the areas in your business most impacted by the crisis which need a proactive response. The tool contains 22 short questions across 5 areas core to your business success: sales and markets, business operations, innovation and digitalisation, performance and financial strength, and leadership and management.

Upon completion you will receive a heatmap that highlights highest impact areas requiring urgent attention, all the way through to minimal impact areas. This will be accompanied by some initial insights on activities to undertake to protect your business. You will also have the opportunity to connect with a Mazars advisor to dive deeper into each of the impact areas and discuss our Reshape programme.

We hope you will find this assessment useful in helping to pinpoint your priorities during this time to recover and reshape your business for the future. 

Reshape Assessment Tool

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